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National Lampoon Presents The Final Edition Radio Hour

Dec 24, 2018

So we’re fully engulfed in Christmas now. Having never been Christian, I’ve only ever heard second-hand what it’s about, but apparently we’re all not supposed to be an asshole for a week or two. And I believe in not being an asshole. Unless you have to be. Which you do. Sometimes. Merry Christmas, I guess.

Or Happy Holidays if you live someplace with a lot of non-Christians, like L.A. Or back to Merry Christmas, if you live in, like, Chattanooga, and pretty much everyone you know is Christian. Either way, if you think this is a fit subject for an angry argument, then you’re being an asshole. Which, as I said, you’re not supposed to be. For a week.

So this is a remix of sketches we’ve done about Christmas and religion in general. Many of the Christmas sketches in particular were from this year - because most of the Christmas sketches we’ve ever done have been from this year - interesting fact. I don’t know what’s behind that, but there it is.